Amorous Adam

Amber’s angst ashamedly assayed
Albeit acrimoniously allayed
Archangels’ arrows astutely aligned
Appointments aspersed, arrogantly assigned

Agitation allots against arid acquiescence
Almighty’s alimony absolves abstinence
Alligators ambush adjoined, aptly assembling
Archaic anguish annoyed, affably amending

Acacia allusions, aromas aground
Applying aspersions, aberrations abound
Affectionately avaricious apples alabaster
Adequately audacious arboreal affronter

Angelic animals, angular and anxious
Abashed aphrodisiacs, abler and anomalous
Amorous Adam awarding appellations
Abdicating art, alluding aspirations


Jesse is currently a Senior at New York University graduating this December with dual degrees in Psychology and Economics. He loves that language is pliable and spends his time writing to experiment with the multitudinous ways meaning can be conveyed. Jesse is also obsessed with music.

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