Three Poems: revolutionary, travel, and territory


banana republic yellow Hummer
occupied by two ladies
with a portrait of Che Guevara at the rear
driving West on Third Street
the two ladies conversing




broadens the mind says the documentary
so that you see clearly that the customs
of another place are exactly like
the customs of any other place
with local color and a historic past




in the name of the state you have need of the use
of the big red caboose at the end of the train
for a game of rustic cards à la Cézanne
in Van Gogh uniforms with a flask of wine
and coffee from the potbellied stove en route


Christopher Mulrooney has written poems in Red Branch Journal, The Germ, Auchumpkee Creek Review, Epigraph Magazine, Exercise Bowler, Futures Trading, West Wind Review, LUMMOX, Pomona Valley Review, TAB: The Journal of Poetry & Poetics, Or, pacific REVIEW, The Hour of Lead, Black & BLUE, The Cannon’s Mouth, The Seventh Quarry, SAND Journal, and The Criterion.

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