Winter 2012 Cover of Hidden Chapter: Our Inaugural Issue

Volume 1

By Joseph Pfister

By Valentina Cano

Brain Damage
By Sean McCarthy

Knowing Then What I Know Now
By Christian Riley

By Douglas Sterling

By Gale Acuff

The Impending Arrival of Rick
By Thomas Mundt

Volume 2

Three Poems: The Holy Ghost in the 20th Century, Progenitor, and The “Me Clone” Talk
By J.S. MacLean

Learning Mandarin
By Michael Brown

Laos Theory
By William Peskett

Big Poppa
By Ryan Kim

Murder at the Circus
By j.e.a. wallace

Maceo & Marvin
By Ward Webb

Amorous Adam
By Jesse Braunstein

Three Poems: We Look at You, thinking maybe 1,2,3 turn the cold water down, and Dreams in December
By Thomas Pescatore

Volume 3

Writ on Water
By Gary Budgen

By Mitchell Grabois

By Katrina Monroe

Small-Town Chick in the Big Time World
By Dawn Wilson

Three Poems: revolutionary, travel, and territory
By Christopher Mulroney

By William Peskett

Volume 4

Three Poems: Its Features, Life, Ho, and One End of a Phone Conversation
By John Grey

Some Times
By Ryan Kim

Stop. Start.
By Kathryn Ross

Three Poems: Cosmonautica, Bearded, and Joe’s Bar
By Mitchell Grabois

By Gary Hewitt

Vision Zero
By Karen McGee

Latch-Key Mother
By Michele Feeser

Volume 5

By Amber Foster

Three Poems: Social Media, Great Teeth, and Dirt Floor
By Mitchell Grabois

The Voyeur
By Casey Tingle

Three Poems: To Rob, To a Cop Found Hanging, and To the Bronzing Man
By John Grey